About Us

What is The Color Canvas?

A vibrant hub for contemporary art, showcasing passion, creativity, and the beauty of expression

The artisan as creator

In the realm of creation, the artisan stands as a beacon of ingenuity, skillfully weaving passion into masterpieces.

Art of Painting

In the delicate dance of strokes and hues, the art of painting unveils boundless expressions of imagination.

Artists & Craftsman

Many believe that whether or not one is considered an artist or artistic often depends on the medium they use. Musicians are often considered artistic and engineers are not. This is because musicians use traditionally “artistic” mediums and engineers don’t. Contrary to this idea, I’d like to propose that artistry is not defined by the medium used, but instead by the artist’s will to create something new, and achieve self-expression. To illustrate this point I’d like to juxtapose an artist to a craftsman.

The Work of Art

Modern Art 60%
Sculpture 90%
Terracotta 75%